Mar Fernanda Estrada born in Baja California, México. Architect, whose heart resonates wilh the rhythm of art culture, nature, architecture and the beauty of everyday life have been the sources of inspiration.

At the age of 8, she attended an art school for one year which sparked her Love for painting, after that experience she continued on her own and never ceased to paint. She held the belief that art was sacred, a sanctuary she kept solely for herself, where the act of creating was a cherished experience and not necessarily to be shared.  

Before pursuing her degree in Architecture, she spent a year in Italy, immersing herself in various art forms. From furniture restoration , architecture to fresco painting in old buildings. Deeply in love with that time in life, she embarked in photography, with a nostalgic feeling of not wanting to forget specific moments, she proceeded to capture every detail her heart wanted to keep and then paint them.  

She decided to pursue the career in architecture, a field she believed was an encompassing world of various arts and design,  where she could explore the creative spirit in a different dimension. lt was a conscious choice, but deep within, she knew that the true calling was painting.  

With painting she continued nurturing her knowledge, refusing to structure rules, she let art flow through, unrestricted and  untamed. Her journey has been one of self-discovery and unshackled expression. Believes in the beauty of life's simplicity, that invites us to look beyond, to embrace the unscripted and to experience the freedom of creativity wilhout boundaries,  playful and real. As life unfolded she accepted the power of sharing one's true passion, giving that courageous step. Sharing  art, letting it breathe and exist beyond the confines of personal space.  

"My life's canvas is still a work in progress, with countless more brushstrokes to add. The colors are ever-evolving, and the possibilities are endless. Embracing this passion and creative adventure that propels forward. Art is not just a pastime, but the very essence of being." -  Mar Fernanda Estrada