Born in Milan, in 1976, Michele Redaelli worked as an advertising sales manager for large media companies for over 15 years. Willing to relocate, he moved to Florence in 2008 and right there he developed his artistic passion and began painting. In 2019 he came to a decision and resigned so as to be able to pursue his art research. He started travelling over Europe surfing and attending art classes and workshops run by some of the best painters and illustrators on the international scene. As a tireless traveller, he spent the last couple of years in the Canary Islands. He is now settled in Tuscany, in a charming hill village overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. His art ranges from graphic arts to painting in full freedom. He creates lively and cheery scenes exploring materials and techniques always chasing to bring lightness and levity in a society where humanity seems to have fallen into darkness. His artworks have been exhibited in France, Portugal and Italy.


After the success of the 2023 exhibition, Michele Redaelli returns to Galeria da Costa with the exhibition; ‘GENTE DI MARE’ (SEA PEOPLE). The title refers to the characters who actively live at sea and who have always fascinated and intrigued the artist. Sailors, fishermen, boat lovers, musicians, waiters or cats who have always sailed the oceans facing extreme conditions or enjoying endless, colourful panoramas.A delicate balance between the constant need to depart and the homesickness that resurfaces once the anchor is set. Michele approached the subject by pursuing his artistic research through a profound exploration of colour that seeks to blend a more abstract painting with more figurative images. The result is a series of works with dreamy and almost oneiric settings, sometimes surreal, in which the figures seem to lean against the backgrounds, bringing together his more graphic and illustrative vein with this new expressive need. These works are flanked by a series of works in various formats painted mainly in acrylics and watercolours that aim to light a smile in the viewer.

A breath of joy and the sea in Lagos!